Latest-generation equipment for unlimited moulding

The machinery used in the production process consists of latest-generation, low-consumption horizontal injection  moulding machines. We have 14 moulding machines, equipped with a computer system controlling the moulding commands and settings; they can apply a clamping force ranging between 45 and 600 tons.

The machinery in question allows Europlast to produce 10 million pieces every year. Using different materials, the moulding machines can produce pieces whose weight can range between 0.5 and 4,000 grams for each moulding cycle. For production planning, the company uses a MES: ARBURG ALS system, a modular host computer system to which all the moulding machines are connected , and which allows to organise production, digitising the production process (4.0).

Thanks to its internal flexibility, to its know-how and to the technologies at its disposal, Europlast can meet large and small production requirements and offer specialised skills in the manufacturing of extra-thick technical components.

With particular reference to the manufacturing of equipment and machinery for the food industry, Europlast has over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing of technical components for the sector in question, having developed over time  a set of specialised skills both in the selection and use of food contact materials and in the manufacturing of pieces with very complex geometries.

The materials used in the moulding process are all top-quality, produced and distributed by primary qualified companies that provide, along with the product, the certificates of conformity (food contact material, metal-detectable material, self-extinguishing material) in compliance with the provisions issued by the main international supervisory authorities.

After carefully assessing the intended use of the components to be manufactured and in compliance with the requirements set out by the client, we always select the materials that ensure the best technical and production performance. The production process also includes an efficient modular system dehydrating the raw materials and directly supplying them to the moulding machines.

Top-quality raw materials

Thanks to its deep technical knowledge and to its proven procurement management process, the company only uses top-quality materials. After carefully assessing the intended use of the components to be produced and in compliance with the requirements set out by the client, Europlast selects for the client the material which ensures the most appropriate technical and production performances. The raw materials we habitually use, and which are always is stock, are: ABS, ASA, PA6 and PA66FV, PC, PBT, PEI, POM, PMMA SAN and SB. The production process also includes a modern and efficient system dehydrating the raw materials and supplying them, through an appropriate vertical connection, to the hoppers of each moulding machine.

Processing and assembly operations

Once the moulding stage is completed, all the items requiring any retouch and assembly operation are conveyed to the processing department, where they undergo mechanical, finishing and manual polishing treatments, enhancing their appearance.

The product  is then packaged and carried to the storage area; Europlast can provide storage services for semi-finished and finished products, while also ensuring the constant availability of raw materials for all kinds of use.

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