Design capability

Starting from a drawing, an idea or a sample, Europlast draws up, in tight cooperation with the client, an integrated project ultimately leading to the manufacturing of the end product through the in-house development of all the necessary processes: the product design, the design and manufacturing of the mould, the moulding and the final processing.

For the design, Europlast uses the most recent 3D modelling CAD systems, which allow it to design technical components for any applications. Before being approved and moving on to the next stage, the project undergoes multiple checks; we also identify the most appropriate material, according to the intended use of the product.

The technical office

The in-house technical office provides support to our clients while the project is being designed and developed. Our specialised technicians suggest to the client the most appropriate technical solutions, provide recommendations aimed at optimising the production process and set up the checks and tests that will allow to ensure that the product is manufactured in compliance with the quality parameters that have been set out.

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