Reliability, quality of work and ability to find solutions in a short time.

We follow our clients throughout the product manufacturing process

Starting from a drawing, an idea or a sample, Europlast draws up, in tight cooperation with the client, an integrated project ultimately leading to the manufacturing of the end product through the in-house development of all the necessary processes: the product design, the design and manufacturing of the mould, the moulding and the final processing.

The company skills are constantly evolving, thanks to the continuous training on new materials and injection moulding techniques we provide to our personnel, as well as to the direct involvement of the specialised technicians in all the new development projects. Europlast invests in young resources, who are trained day by day and encouraged to continuously improve their skillset through the field trial of innovative solutions that the Management promotes and attentively follows.

Great storage capacity

Warehouses and their management are a very important feature for EuroPlast. The large amount of space available at the plant, in fact, allows us to provide storage services for semi-finished and finished products, while also ensuring the constant availability of raw materials for all kinds of use. To streamline procurement for its clients based in the United States, the company also manages an overseas warehouse in Chicago, IL (Roselle).

Flexibility and diversification

EuroPlast has developed the capability to easily adapt to the different industrial sectors and to their evolution in the market. The flexibility of its organisation and its fast reaction time have allowed it, over time, to meet the production needs of a diverse client base, and have helped it establishing long-lasting professional relations, especially in the food, maritime, diving, mechanics and electronics industries and in the production of industrial machinery.

Research and new technologies

The reputation and reliability of EuroPlast have allowed it to win and retain, over time, the trust of important companies operating in multiple industries. But EuroPlast also pursues innovation, submitting bids to calls for tenders and taking part in European projects on new material experimentation; it constantly keeps abreast of the latest developments and stands as an experienced partner for the clients who wish to develop new technologies.

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